The documentary: Abstract

This is not the first time to see the the documentary, abstract: The Art of Design made by Netflix. I have seen one of the episode about the illustrator Cristoph Niemann. It was quite impressive. The flow of the clip is really fluently. From the content, pace, nature sound of the scene and the set are all above the high quality.Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.32.05.pngIllustrator – Cristoph Niemann

Its very interesting to see a illustrator’s daily life. Especially through lots of illustrations and animations. That is really different when illustrator see one thing, it can be everything. Anything fun and beyond our imagination. Even though an ordinary walk to studio, it might be a story, a series of cartoons.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.47.02.pngArchitect -Bjarke Ingels

The architect Bjarke Ingels dreams to be a cartoonist when he was young. To improve his skill of illustration, he choose major in architecture. At the end, he found that he has a great passion in architecture. Life is always not going trough the plan you have planned, isn it? Follow the heart is not even easy for me. We always think too much to do nothing.(or only me Lol) His story really reminds me to take action without hesitation .

Retell retail


Recently, ‘Loft’ style is become more and more popular. Some of the stores just not decorate entirely and they made it called ‘Loft’ style. 

Nowadays, more and more retail stores comes out and disappear in a very short period. In my country, Taiwan as well. As the small territory and expensive rent, it should be used the space precisely. In fact, the stores become dull and tend to be pursuit same style of decoration and philosophy only for the fast money but lack of sustainability. I agree with Howard Saunders that a successful brand need to have a strong concept, lifestyle and a belief to present a thoughtful space to the consumers.

loft 3.jpg

In my opinion, I think a decent brand can even teach the consumer something. It could teach consumers how to create a certain lifestyle, an attitude for having better life. Not only materialism but an ultimate target of life. (e.g the brand MUJI is always deliver the value of less is more. Although it is truely a brand, so called purchase-driven thing. Lol

indoor .jpg

Open a store is a thing that always on my life wishing list. Literally, I expect the store would be a part of thought in my brain. (sounds a bit  show-off but nah) It’s like a show room, a exhibition space, a place which everybody can exchange thought, experience and sense. Accurately, I would like to create a place for provoking thought, making fun and also making my own business. (unrealistic?!)


“Taking Imagination Seriously”


At very first moment, I am just thinking of the pictures those include Janet Echelman’s work are the after-effect images. When I found out that all the works are ‘real’ and floating in the sky, I was stunned by the ‘art pieces’.
Coming up with different materials outside the box is always the issue for artists. In this case, the artist was inspired by ‘fisherman’ from her daily experience. It’s quite cool that she was initially worried about the cost that she has been spent on her bronze project. Accidentally, the idea comes!


Facing technical problems and the obstacles that happened every day, she collaborated with many of experts from different fields and learning lessons from every trials. I would say artist is the one who take actions to make imaginations or make daily experiences specifically. (or abstract Lol) Her work makes me feel illusory, imaginative and free. It’s like the combination between illusion and reality.


First Rain in London

london rain

It says London has the dramatic weather. I will say the weather of London is like woman: Crazily changed all the time! But I feel no sorrow but glad to see the ‘London Rain’.

S__8241158.jpg  S__8241157.jpg




///On the way to migration Museum, there’s a pixel man welcome us! ///












///Come closer!!! ///

In the morning, the sky is clear, everything looks harmony as a chord.


We haven’t planned for the trip after the school trip.
The first come up with is the ‘Big Ben’. We have finally suffered from the Smelly and hot temperature underground. Finally, We only saw the Big Ben is ‘trapped’. Lolll


That’s sad…



E7CA06FD-0A62-4655-B925-6C70DD16CA4A.jpg                     CF85405E-C4F4-4E1D-9ED0-EFBBBD3CCC68.jpg

But I have already miss London now… the variety of street art, dozens of amazing shops, all colours of people…and the most impressive thing is- when I went to the TATE Museum, standing in front of the painting by Pablo Picasso and the statue by Amedeo Modigliani, I was nearly cried. The Artists I have appreciated for many years, the masterpiece just in front of my eyes. It seems like close but it is the countless distances between me and the Artists. I will definitely go visit them very often. 🙂






# project 3/1 begins!

Hopefully, we have started our project from yesterday. That was an idea sharing, brainstorming session. Sharing thoughts is always an interesting and idea provoking time for each of us. We were exhausted. TOTALLY!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 3.56.33 PM


Today, we worked together after school at cafeteria as we have tons of homework to do!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-31 at 10.18.29 PM


Now, (It’s now, no joke) could we have a lil pause here? (smiling face)

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-31 at 10.31.36 PM



To be continue…..




sweat factory

First of all, due to undeveloped countries are mostly located in ‘Global South’. The undeveloped countries are usually have a low standard of living. Apparently, they get lower paid than developing countries. That is the most reason why the clothing companies outsourcing the labor in the ‘Global South’.

Secondly, the arguments of economists from the film sounds quite capitalism to me. The strong nations exploit the resources and labor of weaker nations often. For instance, the sweat factory issue of brand ‘Primark’ flash into my mind. The fast fashion industry has always ripped the labor off. It is always not the news for the public.

In terms of the clothing waste, I believe that  the merchandiser  need to take much responsibilities of the over ordering. They must analysis precisely. The effect of the environment strongly. Not only the synthetic, toxic dyes but inorganic materials are harmful to the environment, causing the issues of  deadly carbon emissions and marine environment overloads. The most easiest thing we can do for our Mother Earth is reduce the desire of consumption. Besides, refusing to buy fast-fashioned brand is also a wise action to support for our home.

Sustainable brand is an ultimate target for all the cooperations. The core value of sustainability must be using nature sources properly. Take the jeans brand Levi’s for example, they has recycled the water resources and made hundred thousands of jeans successfully. Eventually, all the brands need to have knowledge of recycling, otherwise in the end of the day no matter the brand is will fade away. After checking the sustainable brands or the sustainable conceptual brands on the internet. The tricky thing is all those kind of brands are not successful as the leading fast fashion brand. We can take actions to support for the brand and the labour by attending the campaign such as UK ‘Fashion Revolution’…etc.

Back to the film itself, I was really impressed by the approach that director has conveyed.
By interviewing the related speakers of fashion industry, labour and the factory scenes throughly. It is really serious but cruel. What is the true meaning of clothing? Not only covering ourselves anymore, it is more about desire. The desire for shallow superficial.

In conclusion, impulse purchases is really a waste of earth I absolutely  will think thoroughly before buying new clothes. We have to think about our next generation and cherish our planet always.